Vaccinations Pt 2

We had a little down time on the farm until this past weekend when we decided to do vaccinations and preg check the cattle. We use Ultra Sabre pour on for flyRead More…

Sunset on farm after berry picking

Some times the hard work is worth it

Went berry picking last week and found something I hadn’t seen on the farm in a very long time, a Pignut Hickory tree. I was actually trying to get down into theRead More…

Cattle Grazing

Rotational grazing practices

We use a lot of industry best practices on the farm and we are constantly looking at new ways of improving on how we use the land not just for ourselves but forRead More…

Tractor and Baler

Three generations putting up hay

3 generations were in the field yesterday putting up hay. It’s been a few years since that’s happened on the farm. Usually it’s my dad, my brother and me putting up theRead More…


Storm damage

This past Thursday we had some really strong storms pass through the area. I took a screen shot of the amount of red that was on the radar on my iPhone. IRead More…

Wrapping Hay

Always plenty to do

There is never a dull moment on the farm and there is always plenty of work to be done especially in the summer months. Starting off this year we had a bunch ofRead More…


The mindnumbing humming

Went to check on the cows the other day and had to record a video of the humming the cicada’s were making. We were trying to discuss a few things but gaveRead More…


Locusts….Locusts everywhere I tell ya

Cicada’s are starting to emerge from the ground after their 17 year nap. Most people deal with the annoyance and move on but do you know what their purpose really is? ToRead More…


Farming4kids Campaign Launched

I’ve launched a gofundme campaign. This is the gofundme description: I’ve always wanted to bring as many kids to the farm and show them where their food comes from and how it’sRead More…


Forum Launched!

Got the forum section launched! I’ve added a few topics to get started, if you would like to see more topics added just shoot me an email or post under the topicRead More…