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Trump budget would cut farm support by $38B

Farm Budget 2018

How would you like to make already difficult times in rural America even tougher? Just let the government slash $38 billion from farm supports and see what happens.
The proposed budget would put limits on crop insurance premiums and caps in place for commodity payments. Along with that, you’ll see drastic cuts in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Additional changes would create a user fee that would generate $660 million to help pay for USDA inspectors at meat and poultry plants.

In a statement to USDA employees Tuesday morning, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture admitted, “There’s no sugarcoating what we will face – USDA will likely see a significant reduction in funding.”

Purdue later held a press conference, where he reiterated that he’s dealt with budgets he hasn’t liked before. Trump’s proposed budget would take a 21% bite out of USDA’s entire budget, which tallies up to $46.54 billion over the next ten years. “We’re going to do what it takes and go as far as we can in that attitude,” he said.

What’s your thoughts on the proposed budget? Do you think it’s too much of a cut or not enough? Comment below.

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