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Producers continue to unload due to drought

Cattle in drought conditions
Cattle in drought conditions

Producers in the American west have been caught up in a drought situation and it’s only getting worse. All of North Dakota and some 80% of South Dakota are in a drought. Short on hay and forage after a harder winter, producers have started to reduce herd numbers in response to the extreme drought conditions they are experiencing.
Gov. Dennis Daugaard (R-SD) declared a statewide emergency for his state Friday. Doug Goehring, North Dakota state agriculture commissioner, got a first-hand look at the drought conditions, adding there was a 4” to 5”-inch rainfall deficit from March 10 to June 10 in central North Dakota. Goehring says it is “heartbreaking” to see livestock producers lined up for almost a mile at auction markets. With a lack of adequate grazing and feed, they’re selling their genetics that took years to build.

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